Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 114 – Meltdown

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  1. In regards to publishing history, I remember having to decide between this and Wolverine Saga at my local grocery store. I did not have any knowledge of who Havok was at the time because I had just started reading the book with issue 251 and Havok wouldn’t make an appearance for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that it was post Inferno but probably not by many months.

  2. In regards to the differing art styles, when reading these back in the day, I just assumed we were seeing each main character thru the other’s eyes. Alex looked like a James Dean-esque pretty boy because that’s how Logan sees him, and likewise why Logan looks like a cartoony animal monster thing.

      1. Thanks. Means a lot, coming from an X-Pert.

        Maybe you could answer another question to:
        He was born to an assassin & a demon. He was raised by a gypsy sorceress in a freakin’ circus. So where did Kurt Wagner pick up his devout belief in Catholicism?

        1. Y’know, that’s an interesting question and one I’ve never really thought about.

          Given the fact his appearance is fairly standard “demonic” looking, he probably ran into trouble over the years from priests/preachers in towns (which given this is Marvel-Europe would have involved varying degrees of “pitchfork wielding peasant mob”) the circus passed through, and in an effort to understand what they were screaming about, set out to learn what _they_ had learned that had caused them to think like that.

          I’d speculate that he read the Bible because that’s what they kept shouting about (Hopefully skipping over most of the stonings and all out wars and the like, and focussing more on the “Love one another/Don’t be a judgemental asshole” side of things) and he found the essential Christian ethos of the aforementioned “Love one another/Don’t be a judgemental asshole” to be one that he could accept and believe in.

          Also possible he met a sympathetic, decent, Catholic priest (such people exist, thankfully) who didn’t instantly try to have him exorcised, but talked to him through his questions (which might also explain why he foundCatholicism rather than Protestantism, or any of the other variations on the theme). Possibly he found the repetitive rituals of the Mass to be reassuringly constant given his rather nomadic life.

          Guesswork on my part, but it’s a concept that might make an interesting story, provided they promise to never refer to Chuck Austen’s “Holy War”.

  3. I’ll note that in in UXM 246, there is an explicit and hilarious reference to Meltdown, where Wolverine tries the hair gel he “used” in Meltdown, and gets laughed off by Ororo, who also mentions that he picked up the Bubonic Plague aside from the hair gel.

    Also, Gabriele Dell’Otto’s interpretation of Wolverine in the Secret War series in 2004 has to be a direct homage of Meltdown, down to the hair and the red cheeks/nose.

  4. Oh wow….i forgot that I owned an insane run of MCP until I listened to this episode…i forgot this storyline. I really remember meltdown.

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