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As Mentioned in Episode 307 – Ugly Mootants Only

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  • You can find relevant info about X-Men: Marvels Snapshots #1 over here
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  1. Hey, long time fan. I wanted to clear up a couple of things you made during the show.
    -Skin is from South Central Los Angeles and he ran into a friend of his who happened to be vacationing in New York.
    -Synch’s powers are more like modern day wifi
    -One of Synch’s things is that he gets ‘in synch’ with another’s powers he uses it better or more creatively.
    I always thought that Marrow’s powers was an allegory for acne. Also, I have a theory about Gateway not telepathically speaking to Emma Frost or Psylocke and it is…… He knows that Emma would make an attempt to pry deeper in his mind than she would be allowed and Betsy….. He doesn’t like British people?
    My question is what we know about Moria now, do you think Moria really had the legacy virus or was it a ploy so she could break up with Sean Cassidy guilt free?

    1. I always thought that Marrow’s powers was an allegory for acne.

      And there are people who complain that superhero comics gave up trying to Interest new younger readers…

  2. Jay, if you have a link or links to the thoughtful New Mutants reviews you mentioned during the episode, I would love to take a look at them.

  3. Probably not the best place to put this but don’t have Twitter. I just finished reading Marvels snapshots Jay and it was phenomenal. Might be one of my favorite comics this year. You summed up everything I love about Scott(everyone’s panicking and nobody’s helping) and showed exactly how he’d become the person he becomes and it was just wonderful. Just wanted to put that out there and I hope This leads to even more exciting opportunities because you certainly deserve them

  4. Similar to Matt above, I don’t have Twitter (or use social media in general), so this is the only format I know in which I can say the following:

    Jay, Marvel Snapshots: X-Men 1 was fantastic! I’m not a fan of Cyclops, usually, but you made me like and care about young Scott Summers. He felt like a rounded, three-dimensional person. Despite plot, tone, and art differences, it reminded me of X-Men Season One in that I saw a character I often take for granted (Scott in your comic, Jean in Season One) in a new and more interesting light. Awesome art, too! Congratulations on such a stellar comic!

  5. I just wanted to let you guys know how much your show means to me. I found your podcast late last summer when my oldest son encouraged me to listen to podcasts because “there is a lot of good stuff out there”. I found you guys and was immediately hooked. I’ve been binge listening to the show when I’m driving to work and back and while I’m mowing the grass in the summer. I have made it to episode 250 today and still can’t get enough. You have revitalized my love of the x-men from when I was a kid and comics in general. This has brought me closer to all three of my kids. They have all latched onto comics, each one of us has our own character we read, but we all discuss the stories together. I am especially glad that it has helped me bond even stronger with my oldest son, who came out last year to us. We have always geeked out a little together but was still on different wavelengths overall, but through you guys and your show we have came together more then ever before. I can only simply say Thank you.
    P.S. Jay I picked up your SnapShot today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations, it is a great comic.

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