Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 359 – Meanwhile in Britain

Listen to the episode here.



    1. Both would probably be flattered by the comparison. 🙂

      Though if you mean the one in the red shades with the sort of Prussian uniform, that’s actually the Earth-597 Kurt, a cruel and nasty piece of work who is a member of Nazi strike team “Lightning Squad” (The Axis powers won WWII on Earth-597) so I don’t think either would be flattered by that specific comparison

  1. Throwing another one out there, but there’s a Kitty Pryde as Phantom Cat…a cross character that is both Phantom Girl from the Legion of Superheroes and Kitty Pryde. And I’m pretty sure there must be Peter Nolan, Ferro, who is a cross between Ferro Lad and Colossus.

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