Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

378 – The Unstoppable Huggernaut

In which our favorite(?) fear lord returns; Sirocco Sprawl is an extremely unpleasant fictional town; the Juggernaut is not a subtle man; we really need to get our hands on the Generation X novels; Tarot gets a logo font; and Banshee is menaced by spectral leprechauns.


  • Several Juggernauts
  • Soap Operas
  • D’Spayre (again)
  • D’Spayre vs. Nightmare
  • Juggernaut #1
  • Generation X Annual 1997
  • Magical pants
  • Juggernaut (Cain Marko) and what he’s been up to lately
  • Incidental reptiles
  • Sirocco Sprawl, NM
  • Marvin T. Rocksalt
  • A spree of cartoonish destruction
  • Spite (again)
  • Black Tom Cassidy (again)
  • A really cool skeleton
  • Generation X novels
  • Several episodes we should probably do someday
  • A very poorly-drawn butt
  • The Hellions (more) (again)
  • One way to put out a fire
  • Garden Plots with Skeletor
  • Several nightmare scenarios
  • Alex Summers’s adoptive family
  • What would happen if Super Doctor Astronaut Peter Corbeau met Cameron Hodge


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  1. Weirdly, I remember buying Juggernaut #1 at an airport but I didn’t remember a damn thing about the actual comic; in my head it was tied in to Eighth Day. And if we ever get an actual Nightmare story (I can’t remember if he’s ever the main villain of an X-story) I hope Trauma gets a cold open because that kid deserves more name recognition.

    And I think this MIGHT be the first on-page collaboration by the creators who go on to found Man of Action but I’m not positive

  2. That listener question about Peter Corbeau raises a vital issue that only the X-Plainers can answer! Namely:

    *Is* Cameron Hodge the worst human in the Marvel Universe, or is it in fact Henry Peter Gyrich?

    1. I want to blame the inker, but art duties aren’t deliniated in the credits. Definitely a case where less would have been more.

  3. The Gen X novel is actually pretty good, but be prepared for Chamber and Synch’s powers to not work at all like they do in the comics.

    This has always been the best comics podcast because of the way the two of you interact with each other, but the last two episodes especially you’ve both been on your A-game as co-hosts even more than usual.

    1. Inconsistent powers for Chamber and Synch? Wouldn’t that make it IDENTICAL to the comics then, because they never seemed to settle on anything specific for either of them?

  4. Elliot Maggin has written several comic tie-in novels. There were two Superman novel that came out around 1980 that were very good. The second, MIracle Monday, i just recently found and purchased for kindle. It holds up very well, except for one passage that has aged badly, but for reasons he couldn’t control. I just ordered the other one, as well as the Generation X novel, in physical copies from thriftbooks.com. Maggin also wrote the novelization of the DC series Kingdom come. It was better than the comic.

    1. Maggin, answering a question I asked on Quora, is my official source for the semi-canonicity of Superman’s Judaism, which I already believed. He surprised by noting that Lex Luthor is also Jewish, but specifically the kind of Jew who convinces the Rabbi’s daughter to go out for lobster with him on Yom Kippur.

    2. The first Superman book Maggin wrote is a bit of a trip (Earth is apparently best known across the galaxy for two things; 1) it’s Superman’s home and 2) it is the planet which has created THE best photocopiers ever made), but his Lex Luthor is AMAZING.

      At one point Lex was in jail and is only allowed a ball point pen and a notepad. He works out how to melt the plastic cap of the pen, let some drip into the ink refill, extract a substance from the glue of the notepad, wrap it all in a sheet of paper and make an explosive powerful enough to blast out a wall of his cell, but decided not to bother since it would mean the NEXT time he was in prison, they wouldn’t give him a ball point pen and a notepad. Now THAT’S a Luthor I can enjoy reading.

      We also find out he sleeps in a genuine Egyptian sarcophagus, with the mummy replaced with a mattress fitted with Snoopy sheets and pillowcases, because he’s a man of taste.

      Terrific book! 🙂

  5. Sanguine means “bloody.” The meaning of sanguine that includes calm comes from old-timey humors medical theory. But sanguine can also mean explosively violent, for obvious reasons. So it all refers to blood, but because people think about blood differently, if you say a person is sanguine, it can either mean cool and collected or butally unbalanced. The disagreement about what blood means has made this into an autoantonym.

    It can also just mean covered in blood.

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