Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 378 – The Unstoppable Huggernaut

Listen to the episode here.


  1. A bit late to listening the podcast (I had visitors) but apparently the “laird” is Sean? Just when I think there is no way that Lobdell could top himself, he finds a way.

    Loeb’s gone, Mr. Lobdell. The pressure’s off. You have no competitor now. You can relax.

  2. Fun fact; the Gen-X novel this was based on actually *was* my first exposure to Marvel beyond pop culture. My high school best friend was a GIANT X-men fan and Gen X was her favorite team. She wasn’t comfortable with loaning out her floppies, but we traded paperbacks, so she loaned me that so I’d know about the characters. (I don’t think she has the other two novels, or I’d ask.)

    (The second exposure was that Star Trek TNG/X-men crossover novel.)

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