Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

424 – Times Change

In which everything is Havok’s fault; Jay is a bad influence; Polaris makes some valid points; Jamie Madrox is the Bobby Drake of X-Factor; and X-Factor vol. 1 ends with a bang.


  • Muppet rules
  • X-Factor, vol. 1, in general
  • X-Factor #146-149
  • Sense of place
  • Jude Black and his inexplicable facial hair
  • Boundaries
  • Edible Arrangements
  • A different kind of sports bar
  • Kevin
  • Nostalgia, I guess?
  • Several confrontations
  • Temporal insanity
  • A very specialized course
  • What happens next
  • The universe where Dazzler replaced Jean Grey in the original X-Factor
  • Characters we would like to have seen more of


Special thanks to muppets Michal Richardson, Bilal Dardai, and Matt Hunter!

(You can find an mp3 of just the muppet opening in the visual companion.)

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  1. Very much the Blake’s Seven ending, I hear. The regular Farscape series ended that way too, though that got a wrap-up miniseries.

    I watched some of the Mutant X TV show back in the day. Not great.

    Trivia: there’s a Bryan Young who runs the Star Wars podcast Full of Sith. One of his former cohosts is Bobby Roberts, your old producer. It’s all connected!

    1. My favorite series , The Pretender ends with an exploding subway car that the hero may or may not escape from. And then it got several made-for-tv movies that got increasingly more bizarre. I remember being so peeved when the season ended like that, and then didn’t get renewed though.

  2. Edible arrangements are real and mysteriously fresh and delicious. Granted, you’re going to want to eat them in a few days, and none of this works in the sweltering heat of Florida, but give them a shot.

    They generally hold up better than Lorna and Alex’s relationships.

  3. There’s a simple No-Prize explanation for why even his sister refers to Bishop by his last name. They were probably friends with another Lucas growing up and he’s the one that agreed to go by something else to avoid confusion.

  4. I always thought of Lucas Bishop going by just “Bishop” was for much the same reason Nick Fury insists on being called just “Fury” in the MCU. It just sounds cool. Especially when you consider his sister is named Shard. Lucas just doesn’t sound as cool.

    X-Factor appears to be a case of the marketing department not communicating well with editorial and vice versa. I know that Sean Howe discusses this a little bit in Marvel: The Untold Story. I do believe this was the time where marketing had a heavy hand in the publishing and editorial departments. It is strange, though, that the editor himself seems to still think there’s a plan for X-Factor #150, despite there not actually being any work done on it.

    I can’t help but wonder who the assassin would have been revealed to be if X-Factor #150 had happened. I really doubt it would have been Mystique and, more than likely, would have been someone in the government trying to set Creed up as a martyr to kick-start Project: Wide Awake.

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