Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 424 – Times Change

Listen to the podcast here.

Looking for a stand-alone file of the muppet opening? Here you go:

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  1. So I just caught up on the entire series so far after a few months of solid listening and can’t thank you two (and all of your various contributors throughout the years) enough for reigniting my love of the X-Men! It has been such a blast to fill in some of the holes and question that growing up with the animated series and pulling random issues from quarter bins left. Now I’ve gone back and read things like New Mutants that I never knew were so great.

    HOWEVER ! Like many before me, I have a question! Much hay has been made over the various accents the writers have chosen to transcribe phonetically and the humor that arises when these characters are writing letters. Have you ever come across “Scottish People Twitter”? Apparently Moira was completely accurate to be writing in her Scottish accent!

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