Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

438 – The Man of Harsh Business

In which Gambit knows how to make an entrance; Rogue and Gambit only have relationship conversations during superhero fights; Wolverine fights a shark; and we have opinions on how to handle certain aspects of backstory.


  • One way to take over Madripoor
  • Uncanny X-Men #361
  • X-Men #81
  • Wolverine: Black Rio
  • The X-Men’s rapid slide back to the status quo
  • Steve Comicraft
  • The fork of loneliness
  • Cyttorak (again)
  • Black Tom Cassidy (again)
  • Peacocks
  • Sarasota Jungle Gardens
  • What’s sticking out of Juggernaut’s pants
  • Favorite versions of the Danger Room
  • Floriography
  • Kali (kind of)
  • Mary Purcell (a bit)
  • Rio Carnival
  • An outfit
  • Detective Antonio Vargas and his mustache
  • Saint Cyrus Leviticus
  • Ezra
  • Comparing mutant and Inhuman culture
  • Demonic homage

NEXT EPISODE: The Hunt for Xavier begins!

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  1. I just want to point out that “the man of harsh business” in Portuguese would be “o homem do negócio duro”, which would also (and firstly, for a brazilian) be translated as “the man of the hard thing”, so I guess Wolverine’s time in Rio must have been very interesting.

  2. Speaking as someone who was raised very traditionalist (USian, Latin Mass) Catholic, “Saint Cyrus Leviticus” is definitely not a real saint I’ve heard of, or a format of saint name I’d expect. I suspect it’s partly inspired by the titles of some early saints such as Saint John Chrysostom (Chrysostom being Greek for “the Golden-Mouthed” as he was known for his preaching), and partly inspired by traditional nuns’ names such as Sister Mary Athanasius, but done casually and without research — neither of those formats generally use books of the Bible such as Leviticus for the “exotic-sounding” religious term involved.

    Tangentially, the Catholic incense thing on a chain that Miles was trying to describe is called a “thurible”.

  3. So for all “Wolverine time period history” related things I recommend checking out Paul O’Brien’s “The Incomplete Wolverine” on House to Astonish. It very thoroughly goes through (almost) all of Wolverine’s appearances in chronological order.
    Part 7 (post Team X and pre-Weapon X) slots the flashback in Wolverine: Black Rio in between Untold Tales of Spider-Man #-1 and flashbacks in World War Hulks.

  4. I’m rather liking the idea of Logan running into Jessica Fletcher and we find they are, of course, long lost friends.

    They first met of course, in Madripoor in the 50’s, when she had an accidental stop over on her way to meet Frank Fletcher, who was still stationed abroad, and Logan was there for… Logan-y things, and of course there’s a murder, and of course no one else cares about finding the real culprit, and Jessica discovered she had a natural gift for putting together clues and they hae a grand of Agatha Christie style time of it.

    Now whenever they meet up, there’s always a murder, and their mutual plot armour ensure they both survive the encounters which would under the usual narrative rules, kill off at least one of them (as in this story, for example)

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