Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 9 – Leprechaun Surprise Party

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  1. Fantastic episode, guys. Hilarious and fun.

    I will say that while Warhawk (who iirc is a villain Claremont recycled from Power Man & Iron Fist whose powers are being bulletproof and SUPER RACIST) is a sucky villain, X-men #110 does have a couple of really good elements. Most importantly (and maybe you cover this as part of an episode on the topic 10 years from now) features the first instance of the X-Men playing a sport and using their powers while doing so (in this case Baseball, in one of the most oft-copied sequences from this run).

    Of course, my perspective might be off. My first X-men comic was Giant-Size X-Men #1 (for realz). Claremont’s run to me _IS_ the X-men. I went back and read some of the Silver Age ones when the X-men took off (another kid in the neighborhood had some old comics), but this run is THE run of the X-men, to me. It informs everything I think and know about them.

    1. We went back and forth on whether to cover the baseball scene (which is indeed a fun and historically important one) in this episode, but decided to work it into a later one where it’d be more relevant. The Claremont era is so content-dense that it’s been a challenge deciding what to include in each episode and what to skip over – a blessing and a curse, that!

  2. Wait wait wait — in the Shi’ar Trek panel, is that officer giving us a Miles-esque “Wha-a-at?” Does Miles have a time machine he isn’t sharing??

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