Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 42 – A Firestar Is Born

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  1. I vow to you, I am going to start using “lets blow up a pony” as the new “what the hell, this is crazy but lets do it!”


  2. Emma Frost really is a terrible person by that time, but I remember being quite impressed with her careness towards the New Mutants when Magneto handled them to the Massachussetts School, after they were killed and resurrected by Beyounder. I think it was New Mutants 39 or 40, it was pretty clear she was making a lot of effort to recover their minds from the trauma and, in the end, just returned them to Xavier School. She actually shows she really cares, I guess. I think these issues are pretty much the ones that set her characterization for the future.

  3. This episode makes me want to see the Dazzler mini-series photoshopped to have every appearance of Dazzler replaced with a growling Grizzly Bear.

  4. There’s also a Firestar/ White Queen confrontation in New Warriors v1 #10. I read it when I it came out and can’t remember the details.

    Thiago Santos beat me to the punch re New Mutants 38-40. I’ll just add that I agree. The Emma from that tale could lead to the Emma who fronts Generation X then joins the X-Men.

  5. Not really connected to the current issue, but I was wondering if you’ve been following Sam and Roberto’s current adventures in Hickman’s Avengers, and if so, what you think of recent developments for both characters. Personally, I’m loving what’s been done with ‘Berto.

  6. You mentioned that Frost telepathically gives the pony a heart attack. Is this something that’s been done by other telepaths? I would think this is more telekenesis, or is one of those things where you kind of shrug and go, “I dunno…Internet?”

    1. We know she can induce crippling pain, or intense emotion telepathically, she might have been able to induce poor Butter Rum into such a panic attack that it caused heart failure? (My equine medical knowledge is limited, so I have no idea if such a thing is possible).

  7. Sam and Angelica’s dance and kiss: Angelica was established to be 13 during this story. How old is Sam, again? Old enough that a couple of years ago, he was already working with the grown-ups in a coal mine, right? I guess that’s the Kentucky coming out in Sam.

  8. It’s funny; We meet Emma’s father and sister….and they make Emma look like a saint by comparison. Seriously Winston Frost is up there in “worst fathers in comic book history.”

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