As Mentioned in Episode 64 – Ski Lodge of Apocalypse

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  • We’ve linked before to Chris Claremont’s X-Men, but we’re doing it again, because it’s fascinating and you should all go watch it.
  • If you are fond of loving snark and deep dives into Marvel continuity, you should really already be reading Max Carleton’s Waiting for the Trade. (If you’re not fond of those things, why are you here?)


  1. Icon_UK says:

    A very happy birthday to Kestrel!

  2. Adnor says:

    Happy birthday, Kestrel!
    It’s really good to see a dedicated group of friends and family so dedicated! It’s just such a shame almost everything had to be DIY because Marvel doesn’t have Scarlet Witch merch, even if she’s one of the protagonist for Superhero Squad :/

    • Rachel says:

      Agreed. We’re going to have more on that from Kes’s mom Katie later today, ideally…

    • David says:

      It’s friggin’ crazy that there was nothing to buy for her. Literally insane. She’s the leading female character in a successful kids’ cartoon and the most-advertised new character in this summer’s big Marvel movie! It’s staggering that “but girls” somehow trumps all the eminently logical reasons to put that character on things and sell those things.

      (Oddly, depressingly coincidental: This completely unrelated post from just yesterday that shows Marvel pulling the same nonsense with Kamala Khan, their most resonant and well-liked new character of…the decade? Certainly the last 2-3 years.)

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