As Mentioned in Episode 72 – Thrown Under the Plot Bus

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  • Special thanks to the wonderful Adam Warrock for letting us sample his song “Teamwork” in this episode! You can listen to the full track here, and find more of Adam’s work at!


  1. Carolyn Breton says:

    Stitcher isn’t updating the podcast until Tuesday or late Monday night

    • Rachel says:

      In our experience, update lag on Stitcher is pretty unpredictable; and unfortunately, there’s pretty much nothing we can do about that from our end. If you’re concerned about getting episodes as soon as they comes out, we’d recommend downloading them directly from or feeding the following link into any podcatcher:

      (Honestly, we post to Stitcher because folks have requested, and because–aside from initial setup–it’s no extra work, but if you’re not already wed to it, we would recommend finding a different podcatcher. We get more complaints about bugs on Stitcher than every other platform put together, by a very wide margin.)

  2. ben says:

    Psylocke’s suggestion that Havok needs to be KILLED is pretty bonkers. (Havok is an auxiliary X-Man and she presents basically no good reason for killing him!) Despite that, it seems to indicate an interesting mandate for the character that Claremont never totally got around to fleshing out: that despite those prissy pink pajamas she’s meant to be ruthlessly pragmatic and actually kind of SHADY. We’ll see this expressed again again from time to time — like when she mentally pushes the team through the Siege Perilous against their wills– but it never quite develops into a real story. (This, to me, is related to but separate from the more often explored but somewhat less interesting notion that she longs to be more physically imposing.)

    The dark turn the book seems to be taking at this point is actually pretty exciting on an issue by issue basis. It’s too bad that it 1) ends up amounting to not all that much and 2) makes hardly any sense if you think about it too hard.

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