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As Mentioned in Episode 205 – Back to Basics

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  • You can learn all about Garrison Kane in Episode 195 – Johnny Got His Robot Arm.
  • Should you find yourself in Brussels, Jay recommends Utopia for all your superhero comics needs.
  • Mitchell is a terrible movie but a very good episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000; which latter you can watch here.


  1. 😀 Rictor in hyper colour. I want to send you a no prize Jay. That explains so many colouring errors in the early 90s.

  2. Wow, who knew Kane was the first known instance of The Hawkeye Ininiative?! Kind of surprising for the 90s, to be honest.

  3. So much terrible anatomy; where to begin? How about Kane’s pose on the first splash page of the Weapon:PRIME team — the Image classic butt-n-boobs contortion, but on a dude for a change. Since Kane has, really, neither of the assets the pose was designed to show off, it just looks… weird.

  4. Never mind the teeth, people in the Marvel universe must have amazing confidence in their skin quality to talk to Shield. I would not look pretty on that size of screen.
    Concerning those manacles that turn up everywhere that enclose your hands unless they’re made of an ultra light metal, or you have superstrength they’re a form of torture in themselves. Also, does anyone know where they first appear? I had a look at Adams original X-Men run, but I think I was misremembering the scene where the Beast-disguised-as-Toad hits a Sentinel with metal boot restraints. It could be fun to determine the first appearance of this visual trope.
    The four-page, buy two comics for the full effect thing is a re-run of what Steranko did in Nick Fury. It was a stunt then as well and did not serve any real aesthetic or narrative function.

  5. You mentioned that the Vanessa in the comics and the Vanessa in the Deadpool movies only share their name, that they’re nothing alike. The movie version is based on the pre-Deadpool/pre-Copycat Vanessa, back before Wade had cancer; in Deadpool’s first ongoing, they have an arc exploring his past and when he became Deadpool with Weapon X/Department K (1997’s Deadpool Special). Before Deadpool, when he was just soldier of fortune Wade, he was dating Vanessa (who was working as a prostitute, like in the movie version). When Wade comes down with cancer, he decides he doesn’t want to put Vanessa through that, and leaves. He then gets suckered into signing up with Department K. Meanwhile it’s implied that Vanessa developed her mutant powers (being one of those later manifesting mutants), and eventually got mixed up with Tolliver, where she would eventually meet back up with Wade, now Deadpool.

    The movie version is basing their Vanessa on that storyarc. I was disappointed they didn’t turn her into Copycat at the end of the first movie, or at the least in the second one. I still have hope they might do something with that if they keep using the character in future movies, but who knows at this point?

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