Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 223 – Live at Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

Listen to the podcast here.

And here’s a bonus gallery of Jay’s convention sketches:



  1. I’ll always associate X-Men with Dracula thanks to What If? #24, “What If Wolverine Was Lord of Vampires?” Sure, it’s 90s as hell thanks to giving the focus to Wolverine and the Punisher, but the kid version of me really enjoyed how doomed everything felt.(Juggernaut flattens Dr. Strange, Punisher and Wolverine sacrifice themselves to destroy all vampires, and so on.)

  2. I guess Nightcrawler knows the Montesi Formula from his youth with his stepmother Margali, the gypsy witch? He should be sort of used to see and hear certain things.

  3. I can definitely see why Wolfman was annoyed by what Claremont did to Rachel Van Helsing. Adds a bit more of a twist to the whole complicated intertextual relationship between UXM and New Teen Titans.

    But I suppose, in Claremont’s defense, one can say that he might not have envisaged that it would really stick. Rachel coming back from this at some point would not be so much genre-appropriate as practically genre-compulsory. It’s rather surprising that she’s never been resurrected: Tomb of Dracula is the sort of well-regarded classic that people like to draw upon, even if the mortal characters were probably not what anyone was reading it for.

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