Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 225 – Class Reunion (feat. Austin Gorton)

Listen to the episode here.



  1. ” bet there’s a long German word for the terror that comes from knowing you’re about to crash into your friend’s crotch at seventy miles per hour (and a second word for the terror that comes from being on the receiving end)”

    Not to mention the feeling of being unwillingly hit in the head by a pair of testicles that can lift (press) 90 tonnes.

  2. Chris Claremont’s Nova Roma has a lot parallels to the 1981 novel “The Stolen Lake,” an alternative-history adventure by British author Joan Aiken that envisioned a “Roman America” and “New Cumbria” in 1800s Brazil. It’s not a total mirror — the book has the colonists as ancient Celts, not Romans — but there are volcanoes and even an immortal vampire as villain. Any idea if he was influenced by it, or is there some shared mythology about lost European cities in the Amazon?

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