Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

389 – Wreck Gotta Recognize

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which some puns are fundamentally visual; Jubilee is a really good kid; Bastion is a bad person but a good villain; Bachalo does Romita; Seagulls are assholes (but reasonably good narrators); Skin has no time for fantasies; Hitch does Cockrum; and Operation Zero Tolerance (unofficially) begins (again).


  • Glorian, the Shaper of Dreams (Thomas Gideon) (and his dad)
  • Event build-up
  • Generation X #26-28
  • Bad times on a raft
  • Valuable lessons from the Xavier School
  • Yet another somewhat pointless Nightmare cameo
  • Jubilee vs. Operation Zero Tolerance
  • A good conversation
  • Cookin’ with Jubilee
  • Seagulls
  • Dreams
  • The Island that Chills Like a Man
  • Strong Guy on Krakoa
  • How (and whether) Logan ages


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  1. Y’all fellers could switch who says whaaaat @ the start, to mix it up.

    Aww 🙁 , I thought the next episode was going to be the start of zero tolerance.

    Excellent. You got the episode’s mandatory quota of SJW’ing in.
    (AntiJewish stuff in art)

    Rotten stink’in MUTIES! I wouldn’t let‘em near my kids.

    How would you feel if the first marvel X-Men movie was a Shard solo-movie?

    I took it as, it went without saying that the Wolverine-keeping-Moira-alive thing, was a Wolverine’s-jizz-being-drank thing.

    1. It is out of print (sadly) and I Was surprised to see X-Man #30 collected in there as well, since both TPB versions leave it out. They also only collect Gen X #27, which is weird.

  2. Not sure why this happened, but Google Podcasts didn’t catch this episode. I listened to it on the website, but I thought you should know. Thanks!

  3. I get the feeling Strong Guy’s been resurrected in his default state for much the same reason other characters have been resurrected with prosthetics intact (Forge, Karma) in that Marvel wants to make sure that the characters remain representation for those who are differently abled.

    As far as I know, these issues of Generation X don’t show up in any of the O:ZT collections which is probably more to due with space limitations than anything else. They also generally exclude X-Man #30 which lacks the crossover dress but reads as part of it anyway.

  4. The recent Vita Ayala New Mutants also dealt with the consequences of disfiguring powers, when Cosmar, a young reality warper, had her entire body distorted by her out of control powers. Dani and the others tried to get her to accept herself got who she was now, not realising that she genuinely loathed her new appearance, but felt it was what she deserved to be. Later they realised they hadn’t been thinking about what Cosmar truly needed to be happy and so took her to Masque, who helped reshape her body back to something a lot closer to the more human looking form she originally had, with a promise that they will keep taking her back there until she’s got enough control over her powers not to require it.

    So I imagine Masque could reshape Strong Guy or even Chamber if asked to do so.

  5. About Joe Bennet: The guy now is a completely wacko, supports the extreme right in Brazil with all the implications that it has.

    But I personally met him when I was a teenager and he was a young adult in a comic shop in Belém. He is NOT cool.

  6. Very curious about the Doc Martin colors credit on Gen X 27, because while Doc Martin dyes were common comics coloring tools in earlier decades, I considered it unlikely that any actual colorist would have the name. Turns out its one of the pseudonyms used for a large assortment of colorists.

    It would have been cute if there was a holdout colorer who was still using the dyes and included them in their titles the way “comicraft” is included after letterers’ credits though. Sigh.

    Speaking of which, I’m sad to see we’ve made it past covering Glynis Oliver’s era of near-monopolizing coloring duties without an interview. Her last issues I can track down are a series called “Marvel: The Lost Generation” which wrapped in early 2000. There is one more issue of X-men proper coming up. #93. I maintain that she would have insight into Claremont era stuff that no one else would.

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