Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

421 – Dudleyworld or Bust

In which one letter can make a big difference; it’s just not Arcade without giant pinballs; Colossus is nobody’s fool; Margali Szardos is not a relative you want to stay in touch with; Nightcrawler turns to the jerk side; and Jay and Miles pitch an X-Men kids’ show.


  • Elisabeth Wilford vs. Elizabeth Wilford
  • Colossus #1
  • X-Men Unlimited #19
  • How to name a miniseries or one-shot
  • The destructive potential of happiness
  • A clock
  • An inaccurate duplicate of Avalon
  • The return of the Proletarian
  • Costumes with characters’ faces on them
  • Death by irony
  • A journey to Limbo
  • Several blasts from the past
  • Margali Szardos’s head
  • Foreshadowing that we desperately wish had panned out
  • Cold open curation
  • A hypothetical X-Men show for five-year-olds

NEXT EPISODE: The secret origin of Maggott

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  1. In terms of the kids X-Men series, whilst I’m delighted to see Doug mentioned, I’d have thought Warlock, the eternal walking pile of LEGO bricks and rubber bands, would have been a shoo-in.

    What cartoon wouldn’t benefit from a super-friendly, possibly clumsy and a bit awkward shapeshifter?

  2. I’m convinced Brian Braddock is a good enough scientist to get REALLY annoyed on a moral AND scientific level when TERFs say shit like “I know biology and that matters more than your feelings” (when they in fact don’t understand biology OR feelings)

    My first thought for villains on a kids show was Sentinels but very much cut from the cloth of the one who went on the date with Squirrel Girl….

  3. Have I got this right? It’s Liza with a ‘z’ not Lisa with an ‘s’? C’mon, as long as Lockheed never appears with a flagon you’re all safe,

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