Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

425 – Shooting the Moose

In which moose are nothing to mess with; Cyclops requests a reality check; Bachalo does Kirby; Rogue absorbs a catchphrase; and the Shadow King needs a villain song.


  • Uncanny X-Men #356-357
  • X-Men 77-78
  • The Cable Principle
  • Corvid disambiguation
  • An aborted narrative
  • Moose
  • Sherrif and/or Officer Chris
  • Stacy’s sister Melissa
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Ptarmigan Creek
  • Dubiously credible lies
  • Nostalgia
  • Bad times in Westchester
  • Bad times in space
  • Punching birds
  • Moon Wolf
  • An absolutely inappropriate theatrical reference
  • Ainet
  • Ananansi vs. Anansi
  • The Shadow King (more) (again)
  • Psi-War
  • Temptation
  • Shadow powers
  • Hair swaps
  • Solo Disney+ series for X-Men
  • How to make Gambit work onscreen

NEXT EPISODE: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy… IN SPACE!

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  1. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I can attest that a moose is terrifying to come across. That’s an animal you back your car away from slowly and hope he’s not looking for angry sex.

    Seagle’s run on Uncanny lead to me sending off an embarrassing letter to Marvel. As I had only read crossover issues of original X-Factor at the time (X-Tinction Agenda, Muir Island Saga) I was unaware that it was about the O5 X-Men. I was enjoying Uncanny so much that I wrote Marvel suggesting that the Uncanny X-Men should focus on the O5 while the other series could focus on newer characters. I learned of my mistake when I talked it over with the owner of my LCS at the time. And here I thought I had had an original idea.

  2. Forgive me for posting twice, but I forgot to add that I really enjoyed your story in Marvel Voices: X-Men, Jay. It’s always nice to see the quiet moments between Destiny and Mystique. I do wish they had given you twice the space but I suppose such is the nature of an anthology book like Marvel Voices.

    It also made me wish that this had been in the novelization of Days of Future Past (the comic, not the movie). I was extremely disappointed that any and all subtext (or overt text even) was nowhere to be found in that novel. If you’ve never read it, I can’t really recommend it. The changes made to the story are fairly unnecessary and the dynamic between Mystique and Destiny is aggravating.

  3. Looking back at this, it’s surprising how little actual interaction there is between the three new members of the team. Kelly does a great job building relationships between them and the older members (well, mostly pitting them against them to great effect) but they’re each developed individually, they never build relationships amongst the three, like say the new four members during the outback era

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