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Summers School: Gabriel 101

On Episode 5 – The Retcon that Walks Like a Man, we met Gabriel Summers, and did a very quick drive-by introduction to the Summers family and their really depressing space adventures. Because this shit is complicated, Rachel,* the resident Summers Family Continuity expert, has put together a brief visual guide to Gabriel’s backstory. Click through for the origin of the third and worst Summers Brother:

*Edidin, not Summers or Grey.


  1. Wow, I never heard the full story behind Gabriel Summers before this. Is there any other family in comics that even comes close to the level of complexity they have?

      1. Is there a version of Love and Rockets with clones and alternate-universe-time-travel kids? Miles, if this exists and you have somehow concealed it from me until now, I am going to need to rethink a lot of things about our relationship. And also about Love and Rockets.

      1. Also Sabretooth/Graydon Creed/Mystique/Rogue/Nightcrawler/Margali Szardos/Jimaine Szardos (Amanda Sefton)/Azazel/Bamfs/Destiny!!! You guys touched on some of the Nightcrawler side of things previously. Not to mention that Sabretooth and Wolvie are constantly being teased as being related somehow.

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