Summers School: Gabriel 101

On Episode 5 – The Retcon that Walks Like a Man, we met Gabriel Summers, and did a very quick drive-by introduction to the Summers family and their really depressing space adventures. Because this shit is complicated, Rachel,* the resident Summers Family Continuity expert, has put together a brief visual guide to Gabriel’s backstory. Click through for the origin of the third and worst Summers Brother:

*Edidin, not Summers or Grey.


  1. discord_inc says:

    Wow, I never heard the full story behind Gabriel Summers before this. Is there any other family in comics that even comes close to the level of complexity they have?

    • Miles says:

      Luba’s family in Love and Rockets. Less space-fighting, more heartbreak.

      • Rachel says:

        Is there a version of Love and Rockets with clones and alternate-universe-time-travel kids? Miles, if this exists and you have somehow concealed it from me until now, I am going to need to rethink a lot of things about our relationship. And also about Love and Rockets.

    • Rachel says:

      Shatterstar and Longshot are kind of each other’s fathers.

      • Marco Rummo says:

        Also Sabretooth/Graydon Creed/Mystique/Rogue/Nightcrawler/Margali Szardos/Jimaine Szardos (Amanda Sefton)/Azazel/Bamfs/Destiny!!! You guys touched on some of the Nightcrawler side of things previously. Not to mention that Sabretooth and Wolvie are constantly being teased as being related somehow.

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