Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 26 – The Other Team America (featuring Chris Sims)

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  1. GOD. I forgot all about Team America. But lords amighty how I loved these issues. I was their age when they came out and it was amazing to read about these awkward kids with powers who weren’t TRYING to be superheroes, per se. They just kept getting caught up in stuff.

    I’d also forgotten how much I loved the almost criminally under-appreciated Bob McLoed’s artwork. It’s also kind of amazing that he has multiple instances of teenager nudity during his run and it’s pretty much never hyper-sexualized.

  2. Man, I’ve never read New Mutants before you guys brought it up… and in some ways, I’m not disappointed at all. It really does read like a more modern comic lodged into the mid-80s, and that’s not a bad thing.

    Although some of the plots are certainly cringe-worthy, it really brings up some of the early “school adventure” feel that classic X-Men has. And I can dig it for that, even if I don’t have the same history with these guys that I do with the main X-Men.

  3. Trying really hard not to spam your blog with Sienkiewitz/Illyana fan-girling, but…

    I know it’s looking ahead, but I’m so interested in how Sienkiewitz changed to depiction of Illyana. Here she’s fluffy, pink, busty, and I love the way Sienkiewitz changed that – the hard lines of hair, but also her body language, everything about the way he drew her had her set slightly apart from the others. Looking at these iterations of her made me go back to the Siekiewitz run and love it more.

    (But then I love his take on all of the characters – the differences in personalities that come across with artists is something I love about comics, but also can turn me right off a book)

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