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As Mentioned in Episode 33 – Crossoverload

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  1. Wow. After 20 years, I started re-reading all the x-men in order because of this podcast, and I’m really excited to keep following along. But I’ll admit I skipped the Micronauts arc because it just bored me. But now, man am I glad I did. The arc sounds horrifying and to see the visual example above is even worse! Ugh. Anyway, can’t wait for you to get to X-Factor, which was always my go-to x-book and thanks for getting me back into the Amazing X-Men!

  2. Cyclops-as-Phoenix from this continuity needs more love. It’s a subtle form of genius that works on two levels while also being lazy as hell. Which is Walt Simonson being awesome, really.

    The addition of the Phoenix emblem atop his current outfit really, to me, shows that Scott is secure in the knowledge of who he is. While the power of the Phoenix has been added to him (which is the other level, a simple visual one): he remains Scott Summers, Cyclops of the X-Men, and he knows what needs to be done.
    That, of course, may have something to do with the fact that it’s a remnant of the Phoenix merging with him, rather than an actual clone made by the Phoenix while Cyclops himself chills in a cocoon in Jamaica Bay, but still.

    Those simple panels of the Phoenix showing regret, showing Scott struggling to keep the Phoenix’s power from bursting forth and (presumably) killing him, are really powerful to me. And to see Scott “Master of the Humblebrag about his Horrifyingly Awesome Powers” Summers rip off his costume’s hood and visor, directing the totality of all his strength at Darkseid?

    I really wish some of that had been kept in mind for AvX, really, even if it’s totally not canonical to 616.

  3. As someone who played with the Micronauts toys, I feel I should mention that the Baron Karza toy had spring-loaded fists, so you could indeed shoot his hands at the good guys. And yes, you could turn him into a centaur.

  4. Im thrilled you covered the X-men/Micronauts crossover- but Im fucking flummoxxed at the… the.. yeah you know what I mean. I read that back when it was released and I guess as a 14 year old I totally missed that.

    As for the Micronauts, it was a damn good sci fi book. Unfortunately, they put it in the Marvel universe. The entire Microverse was so well designed. You dont have to read the entire run(its awesome) but at least the first 12 issues. mIn retrospect, I’d probably consider it a sci fi X-men. There was always character development much like x-men.

  5. Wow, just, yeah. The levels of ick in the Micronuts crossover is horrifying on multiple levels. But the crossover with TT is fun and I would love to see a modern replay of this with the original characters, that are nut dead.

  6. Another really enjoyable podcast. I read (and still have)X-men/Titans, didn’t read X-Men/Micronauts and now really don’t need to… however I’d like to know who inked Jackson Guice (I think that’s JG doing a reasonable Mike Golden impression)as that looks pretty nice. I’d generally like to hear a bit more about inkers as at this ea they bring so much to (or take away so much from) the art. It’s fine if that’s not your interest, so I’ll just leave a little love for Dan Green in this comment. Looove that texture!

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