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As Mentioned in Episode 47 – The Price of Power

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  1. I’m a big fan of Paul Smith as well and it took to about here for me to notice the influence Gil Kane had on his work. I think that’s because it was already a well-digested influence by the time I was aware of his work and his surface is so stylistically different. Also he eschewed (wisely, I think) the Kane nasal upshot.

  2. I came all the way back to comment on this particular episode because I’m excited the next X-Men epic collection coming out is “Volume 12: The Gift” and features this story, along with “Uncanny” 189-198 & Annual 8. “X-Men/Alpha Flight” is literally the ONLY Claremont era X-Men story I’ve never read so I’m excited, even though the trade doesn’t ship until December.

  3. I was confused to why all the regional gods had no influence in this story. Were they weakened just like Narya who is basically an Inuit demi-god. Was it because it was beyond their influence because there were Viking ruins? Or worse case scenario, is this a colonialism and race/power sentiment that we see throughout the Marvel Universe?

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