As Mentioned in Episode 56 – Death by Crossover

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  • Yaybo! Marvel Unlimited added New Mutants #36-40 just in time for this episode (starting here)!
  • In terms of formative influence, Kyle Baker’s Why I Hate Saturn was basically Rachel’s third parent.


  1. Anto says:

    Not related to the episode, but you should know that Dr. Peter Corbeau appears briefly in this week Captain America and the Mighty Avengers.

    • pawpaw5771 says:

      So many comments I’ve read about this have been basically “Yay, I hope this leads into X-Force!” Which saddens me tremendously.

      Comics Alliance had a poll for characters you’d like to see, but then only let you choose seven characters *and* listed characters from Generation X, New X-Men, Young X-Men, Generation Hope, and Wolverine and the X-Men. How can I vote in that poll when I can’t choose 9 characters that are the classic line-up being covered recently in the podcast? I ended up cutting Xi’an and Amara.


    • neuronin says:

      What’s the point of having a New Mutants movie AND rebooting the X-Men to have them be teenagers?

      • pawpaw5771 says:

        The last few X-Men movies have jumped forward a decade each time. Perhaps the New Mutants will be from the 90s? When the X-Men are another 10 years older?

  2. I’m going to suggest that Rahne’s avatar of death is the Goddess Brigid

    who is 1) a goddess of music and occasionally shown holding a lyre or other musical instrument, and 2) is an interesting transitional goddess because she later becomes a saint, St Brigid, and so crosses some of the borders between pagan/gaelic mythology and the world of saints.

    She’s not related to the idea of death in any great way, but makes more sense than St Cecelia…

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