As Mentioned in Episode 58 – Miniseries Mayhem

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  1. Oberati says:

    Hi Guys! I’ve been a long time listener and just listened to your last episode (Miniseries Mayhem). I would like to inform you that the Iceman miniseries was reprinted as a Marvel Premiere Hardcover (See Link Below). It was on my list of X-Men hardcovers to buy (Albeit Pretty Low), but I just purchased it now given how ridiculous it sounds based on your review.

    With that, I would like to let you know this is my favorites podcast and keep up the great work!


  2. Alex Bazan. says:

    Bizarre Adventure was also reprinted in 1995 on a small paperback called X-Men Rareties.

  3. Alex Bazan. says:

    Also your podcast rocks, a lot of x-love from Tijuana.

  4. justin says:

    So that Shark Wizard is talking about possessing Nightcrawler “body and soul”? Seems like Claremont-isms are contagious…

  5. McArdle says:

    In case you guys don’t listen to WTF, Tommy Davidson from In Living Color was on the most recent episode, and talking about that show, he compares it to the X-Men. Keenan Ivory Wayans apparently is Professor Xavier (not only, presumably, because he’s bald) and Davidson is Hank McCoy. He didn’t extend the metaphor beyond that (although he did also, at one point, compare himself to the Silver Surfer). I wonder how casting the rest of the original five from In Living Color cast members would go?

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  7. Andrew says:

    I loved the overview of these two miniseries! I wanted to flag for you that the Nightcrawler miniseries is going to be collected in the upcoming Epic Collection: X-Men: The Gift, which collects Uncanny X-Men 189-198, Annual 8, X-Men and Alpha Flight 1-2, and Nightcrawler 1-4. This should be out in December. Thanks again for the great podcast!

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