Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 95 – Earthfall

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  1. I noticed on the #234 cover that it said late Sept. Was Uncanny coming out twice/month at this point, and how long did that last?

  2. Forget “The Great Mutant Massacre”! Forget “Fall of the Mutants”! Forget even “Inferno”!

    Here we have the most terrifying event in the X-Men, nay the Marvel Universe, nay the entire comic genre; Maddy Pryor in – “Rise of The Underboob!”

  3. Oh Madelyne. I always feel so bad for her and how this whole thing ends up playing out. I feel that while Scott’s mental breakdown is generally handled ‘well’ in X-Factor, Madelyne going through the same thing ends up with her in this frame of ridiculous overreaction? Of course, she’s manipulated by demons and Sinister and editorial (the most powerful of them all) but man, it just always frustrates me.

    Since Madelyne was walking around before the restructuring and rebuilding of the world, I like to think that she’s still out there having nothing to do with the X-men and building herself a place in the world. I’m probably the only person who would but I would totally buy a story where she gets get groove back and gets to meet Cable and generally turns into a character who wants nothing to do with the hero hijinks of the rest of the Marvel Universe but keeps running into plots anyway.

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