Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 141 – Reason to Go to the Devil

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  1. Thank you for this episode and especially the last one. Cable is my second favorite character after Jean (perfect timing having Hopeless on last show!),so its great to finally see him show up. With that said, I wasnt a fan in the early incarnation so it’ll be interesting revisiting him knowing all that happens later

    1. Oh I forgot to mention but I so expected you guys to throw a Joseph joke/comparision when describing Nitro bc thats exactly what your description sounded like (Im thinking his pink/purple space suit)

  2. I did a double-take at Sam’s not-tube-top too (Though he’d have ROCKED it), and I’m still not quite sure whether Moira is wearing a leotard, or a really short skirt (in which case, given that we’re looking down on it from above , just how close to indecent would a straight on front view have been?)

  3. Stilt-Man didn’t exactly get nice things out of Acts of Vengeance, but he was (very briefly) in it. Walt Simonson had just begun his, in my opinion underrated, run on Fantastic Four, and decided to have some fun with the crossover by having legions of super-villains go after the Fantastic Four and failing miserably.

    Each of the three issues has the Thing saying “You gotta be kiddin’, right?” In the first issue Beetle, Constrictor, and Shocker are all beat by the security devices of Four Freedoms Plaza before the team can even show up. Then the Fantastic Four try to go about their main plot of Senate hearings regarding the Superhero Registration Act, but it keeps being interrupted by the crossover in the form of attacking C-list villains. In the last issue of the crossover, Ben, Sharon, and Johnny step outside to take care of something, and off-panel defeat Man-Ape, Orka, Whirlwind, the Owl, Armadillo, Baron Blitzkrieg, and poor old Stilt-Man. And as Stilt-Man is being taken off by the cops, a police officer makes a weird comment about how nice his legs are and that he shouldn’t be hiding them under that armor, while Stilt-Man yells about police brutality.

    Stilt-Man has fewer nice days than Cyclops.

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