Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 159 – Childhood’s End

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  1. Heh, in the “arrival of the Mojo goons” panel, it does look sort of like they’ve got their names over their head, so it was nice of them to introduce Mr and Mrs Shzzakk in their debut/only apperance.

      1. IIRC, when he was introduced, Cable wasn’t known to be a telepath, he was barely known to be a telekinetic. When he does more or less accidentally mindzap someone it’s a surprise to everyone around him, even those who have known him for a while.

      2. Cable didn’t have telepathy back then. His psi powers were a retcon once they decided to make him the son of Jean’s clone which was not Liefield’s original vision for him

    1. I think the Agent Zero in the movie was “based on” (in so much as that movie follows any comics continuity) the same Agent Zero that started out as Maverick.

  2. Whoww, no wayy. That’s a really cool factoid, I didn’t know.
    “Strife was originally meant to be Cable, just further along in his own personal timeline, that had come back as a villain to stop himself.”

  3. God, we are really in the Liefeld era now, aren’t we. Everyone dies with their mouth hanging wide open, everyone’s face has ten bazillion little lines all over them, and everyone’s favorite battle pose is with their hands forward and to the sides like they’re hugging a barrel and their butt thrown way back, exactly the way nobody ever stands.

    And the pouches and those ‘unique’ Liefeld guns…


  4. Because I so stringently avoided ’90s X-Men growing up (and had a generally spotty knowledge of pre-2002 X-Men), I didn’t know Feral was a character. I just thought that was how Rob Liefeld drew Wolfsbane. Glad to have this cleared up.

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