Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 160 – Hank McCoy and the Hickey of Destiny

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  1. And now we start the slide into the X-titles getting the most 90s they possibly can, I guess. Marvel started chasing the artists as the distributor wars started, cover mania (and speculator madness) took hold of the industry AGAIN and the Image era truly began.

    Part of me regrets that, at the time, X-Factor was widely regarded by many old-school X-fans (including me) as a betrayal; I never read it because the residual anger over the invalidation of the Phoenix saga (not to mention the dissolution of J.M. DeMatties run on The Defenders) stung badly. I missed some good (and let’s be honest, NOT SO GOOD) comics then.

    But it wouldn’t be until the Jim Lee X-Men that the path towards making some X-characters unrecognizable to me would occur.

  2. I didn’t know you watched GF! I love that show! Did you hear about the new ducktales show that’s being made by some of the people from GF?

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