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As Mentioned in Episode 179 – Sincerely, An Evil Individual

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  1. I find it kind of dull when the comics have the heroes dating civilian characters as there rarely well developed. The recent Batgirl book started feeling like a bad teen drama that sometimes had her fighting c list villains.Also who doesn’t like Seinfeld, Larry David is a God lol

  2. Jay and Miles,
    First off big fan. Second I wanted to address the question at the end of episode 179 about female superheroes not dating civilians. Now I don’t know any superheroesmake or female, but I do know many heroes. As a member of the US army for 15 years I’ve gotten to k ow quite a few. In my experience not many female soldiers dated male civilians for very long. I think a lot of it has to do with the machismo factor. There are not a lot of men out there that are ok with their significance other being more badass then them. I’m not agreeing with it just stating an observation. I’ve found that a lot of combat vet females have had problems with relationships with civilian men after they are out. I don’t know if there is any research out there that backs this up, but like I said this is just what I’ve observed.

    1. Thanks for the real-world window! I know there’s been research on relationship tension based on things like salaries and comparative job status; and it makes sense that it would play out even more intensely in the circumstances you’re describing.

      I think a lot of guys are conditioned to believe that their role in a household is primary provider/protector, and that anyone else taking point on or being better equipped to perform those functions constitutes failure. Patriarchy: fucking us all up since pretty much forever. =(

  3. “Strong Guy and Slab go at it-fight.” was the the biggest chuckle a non comedy podcast has gotten out of me in a long time.

  4. The only female superhero dating a civilian that pops out of my head is She-Hulk, who dated a bunch of non-powered guys. And really, isn’t that the perfect character for it? I mean, it’s a dumb trope, so leave it to She-Hulk to smash it.

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