Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 246 – Foreshadow Puppets

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  1. OK: one reads superhero comics, especially in this era, and over time one unfortunately becomes inured to Those Aspects of the depiction of women. One sees something, sighs, feels lucky not to be reading it in public, and moves on. It takes a lot to make me go “Wow, that’s just awful,” is what I’m saying. Because something really needs to stand out from the background level of bad.

    But Tony Daniel in #28 proves able to reach deep inside himself and come up with that level of awful. It’s the top left panel on excerpt 7 here, with Moonstar hanging upside down from a chandelier but somehow managing also to strike a beyond cringeworthy version of That Pose.

    I mean, you’re about to draw someone swinging on a chandelier and shooting an arrow while hanging upside-down from that chandelier by her legs, upside down. And your response to that is, “I need to make sure that viewer can see both her rear and her breast at the same time. That’s what this image is all about, man.”

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