Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 247 – The Butt-Kick Scale

Listen to the episode here.

And now, for your edutainment, a selection of Mark Trail panels, presented in no particular order:


  • Experience the magic of Mark Trail for yourself.
  • If Jay wrote a Mark Trail parody Twitter account–which we’re certainly not admitting that he does–it would probably read exactly like this one.
  • The D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom is one of many delightful novels by Gordon Korman, who was a mainstay of Jay’s childhood. (It’s so weird that there are Bruno & Boots movies now!)




  1. I’ll never say enough of HOW MUCH I love Mark Texeira’s art right since that good old Psi-Force.

  2. In the ‘TEETH’ panel, I am disappointed by Sabretooth’s lack of eponymous dental swords.

  3. Thank you for the Mark Trail panels. It’s something with which I was previously unfamiliar. The ones with unintentional double-entendres are amusing, but it’s the ones where the weirdness was intentional that are the real gems.

  4. All I want at this point is Jay and/or Miles to do a podcast while watching some of my favorite episodes of… Stuff.. Are you allowed to drink scotch and comment on the “Motion Comic” of ultimate X-Men

  5. So I talked about this a bit already but i was encouraged to leave a comment here. When listening to the most recent episode and at 18:35, you (Jay) and Miles, in the course of talking about abuse re Sabertooth, said that he may or may not have ‘actually experienced the abuse.’ obviously within the fictional context of the miniseries covered as well as the larger place of sabertooth, logan and other weapon x characters that is an important plot point, but for my own comfort i wanted to mention that psychological studies have shown repeatedly that it doesn’t matter if abuse ‘actually happened.’ So long as the person believes it happened they can be traumatized.

    You see cases of this from the satanic panic, or other instances in which children were convinced that they experienced abuse or trauma, induced into believing they had experienced something which didn’t happen. Whether or not it happened in physical space, the mental repercussions are real, because the mind is able to create the experience and trauma all on its own. Again, i don’t mean to speak out of turn, i just wanted to say as much because it’s important to me to be holistic in how we talk about the psychological aftermath of trauma, both real and induced. This is a complicated issue with fictional characters, and i just wanted to be super clear that i am not condemning or anything of the sort.

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