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260 – Professor Power’s Prodigal Podcast

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which we explore the aftermath of Multiple Man’s death; X-Factor has a lot of feelings; it probably sucks to grieve with Charles Xavier; neither power nor responsibility is particularly fun; we finally find out who was trying to kill Polaris; Professor Power makes it to the big leagues; and the ‘90s were one long leg day.


  • Vectors of Malice transmission
  • X-Factor #101-102
  • X-Factor Annual #9
  • The aftermath of Jamie Madrox’s death
  • Several ways to grieve
  • Captain Capitalism and Plucky the Girl Wonder
  • A foiled robbery
  • Several guest stars
  • Multiple Man’s Muir Island years
  • Several assassination attempts
  • Some shady government shenanigans
  • Beatrice Conners (sort of)
  • A surprisingly muscular astral projection
  • Haven’s deeply dubious origin story
  • Professor Power
  • A surprisingly muscular android
  • One way to clean a room
  • Creative uses of mutant powers
  • Top-ten lists

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  1. Yaaaay, more talking about Haven! Yeah, you knew I’d be here, didn’t you? I have a LOT of feelings about Haven and her backstory. Shockingly this time, I don’t have a rant, you guys covered all the problems I have and why. I too wish we had gotten more of her!

    Lorna was not Magneto’s daughter at this point, no.

  2. If I’m remembering correctly — and it’s been over thirty years, so very possibly I am not — the Claremont/Sienkewicz New Mutants established that Charles Xavier’s astral form corresponds to his idealized self-image.

    So the 1% body fat Charles that we see here is telling us a lot about what was going on in his head at the time.

  3. Miles, listen to the person who said not to watch the last season of “Torchwood”. It’s terrible, especially in comparison to the previous season.

  4. I don’t think Magneto being Polaris’ dad was ever a thing from the reveal of the original lie at the end of her introductory story (in 1968) until Grant Morrison came along (in 2001) and she mentions it and everyone treats it as something they’d always absolutely known for 100% sure.

  5. I’ve thought a lot about how they could have made Haven more compelling. I think her biggest weakness is it’s so hard to accept her theory. I think if the time of suffering (whatever it was called) was perhaps explicitly analogized to Earth-811 or maybe that Askani timeline, we could see the idea of preventing that to bring heaven on Earth earlier. But, if no one believes her beliefs are possible, it’s hard to sympathize with her.

  6. It makes a lot of sense that many people in the Marvel universe would have the last name Power, since historically speaking in Europe a common source of surnames was descriptions, and, well, this is the Marvel universe. So Will who isn’t very tall is Will Short, and Will who makes candles is Will Chandler, and Will who can move things with his mind is Will Power.

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