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As Mentioned in Episode 259 – Kwannon Leap

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We discussed the first version of Psylocke’s transformation in Episode 137 – Kicky Kinko Killers; and the second, which introduced Kwannon, in Episode 222 – A Tale of Two Betsys.

Night on Earth is a brilliant movie, and also the main source of our Roberto Begnini hipster cred.

If you like your dives deep and granular, we highly recommend Chris and Robert’s dialogic annotations, HoX PoX ToX.


  1. Regarding the breakfast banter (and apologies if I’m misremembering or projecting) but was this meant to imply that Rogue thad some of Belladonna’s memories at this stage, and the preference for chocolatey goop was potentially Belladonna rather than Rogue?

  2. I’m sorry, Andy Kubert’s art was such a step down from previous long term artists. While I hear you about the storytelling/mood his figure drawing just killed it for me every time. He just doesn’t have a good grasp of anatomy & weight. I was so disappointed with his being the regular artist for so long. I was so much happier with Madureira on Uncanny. That was a serious remedy for Andy Kubert’s art.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Jim Lee was/is such an incredible artist and they’re so blasé about him. Not to mention lumping him in with Liefeld! It drives me nuts. Jim Lee was a groundbreaking artist; Andy was one of his many less talented imitators. Justice for Jim Lee and sexiness forever

  3. As a straight white male who’s an artist and a writer. I found it a little disheartening that you feel that a straight white male shouldn’t be writing the X-men.

    X-men has always been an allegory for fighting for acceptance, and fighting prejudice. It’s fine to heavily identify with a character or story, but to lay claim and exclude a group kind of goes against what the we’re supposed to be striving for. After all, wasn’t it a straight white man named Chris Clairmont who founded this world and wrote all the stories you’ve been gushing about for most of this podcast?

    Hickman is laying the foundations for the new era, and creatives from all walks of life are coming in behind him to build on that, so what’s the problem?

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