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As Mentioned in Episode 304 – Explosive Ops

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  • Rutland, Vermont had multiple Marvel and DC stories set in it during the 1970s – but it’s also a real place. Apologies for telling everyone it was imaginary, and thank you to all the listeners who kindly pointed out that it wasn’t!


  1. I have to say that the “Cable gives James a completely random weapon that he has clearly not asked for, nor had displayed any interest in learning” has that “Desperate uncle hopes nephew likes sincerely chosen, but vaguely random, gift chosen for him at the last moment” vibe to it… (Not that I’m at all familiar with that feel heavens knows… ahem.)

    Sam’s happy face is… disturbing. More sort of a “I’ve just been asked to talk to my favourite sci-fi author for the first time ever, but I have SUCH an unrelated boner right now there’s no way I can stand up to walk over to meet them without it being VERY visible to everyone.”

    (And that one IS entirely fictional)

  2. I have a question: I can listen the podcast here or on Spotify, but wich one is better for you? You receive any money if I listen the podcast on Spotify?

  3. I had always interpreted Mimic’s power as copying the genotype of a mutant rather than their phenotype because Mimic is able to control Scott’s optic blasts. I think this would clear up the time paradox here because Angel’s genotype would encode wings for Mimic to copy regardless of the specific wings Warren bears. I only know of Mimic from the early Stan and Jack issues though. Is there anything later on that specifies Mimic as copying phenotypes?

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