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As Mentioned in Episode 90 – Ghosts of the Outback

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  1. New Mutants #53 was drawn by Rick Leonardi. There was one scene where Illyana is dancing with Empath, seemingly flirting and being lovey-dovey but actually threatening to have demons torture him. In one frame she’s all devious and strong and slightly crosseyed. Yeah, Leonardi draws the best Magik.

  2. I love the “Freelancers Underpaid” headline on the New York Post cover. I wonder how that got past editorial (though I guess Nocenti would be sympathetic to freelancers’ plights).

    I’d like to put forward Frazer Irving as the best Darkchylde artist. His issues of Uncanny with Bendis had my favourite Illyana of recent years.

    1. I just looked at the image with the letter again and one of the newspaper pages has this sentence fragment “freelancers starve as Defalco chortles”. Leonardi was really having a go at the bosses.

  3. As regards Storm’s outfit, well as we know form the past, Ororo’s powers make her more or less immune to climate extremes, she can withstand extreme cold and extreme heat without it being an issue for her.

    I also did wonder where all these costumes and clothes came from, since the should only have had the clothes they stood up in when Roma resurrected them, but….

    1. OSC may not be too popular with people around here due to his anti-LGBT views and support for said discrimination policies.

      1. I read and enjoyed a couple of books of his when I was but a lad, before I knew anything about him as a person.

        He’s now on the list of “Books I will buy if they look REALLY interesting, but only if I see them in a charity shop because they will get the benefit of my money and he won’t”.

        1. I’m aware of his problematic personal views. I like your solution, Icon_UK. It continues to be a problem. I won’t go to a Woody Allen or Russell Crowe movie, for the same “they would get my money” reasons. But does it mean that we don’t listen to Wagner because he was anti-semitic? At what point do we disagree with Dylan Thomas and separate the flawed human from the art we enjoy?

          1. Fortunately, with OSC this problem solves itself, because it’s at least a decade since he wrote anything worth reading.

  4. In the category of things no one is going to care about but me — what Rogue gives Gateway appears to be a pretty standard wooden whistle, albeit with the mouthpiece upside down from standard. He then proceeds to hold it to the side like a flute, rather than out front like a whistle. This does work (I’ve just tried it to verify) but it is more than a little bit odd.

  5. Love your show! I haven’t read X-Men since I was a teen(currently 38yrs old), but if I remember correctly Roma is the one that made it possible for the computer systems at their Australian HQ to detect them.

  6. Another place to look to donate a large comic book collection is any charity that benefits from a resale shop. Here in Chicago I gave 6 or 7 longboxes to a used bookstore which funds adult literacy programs. Open Books is good people.

  7. On the topic of African-American scientists, Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew was supposed to be a doctor of physics, if I remember right. It didn’t come up that often, because they were mostly just used as generic muscle.

  8. I loved the mentioning and use of Russian folklore, especially Baba Yaga! It’s something that sadly isn’t used often enough by writers.

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