Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 99 – Those Who Walk Away from Genosha

Listen to the episode here.



  1. The Flying Doctors is an Australian medical service to remote communities and cattle stations that are located many hours from the nearest medical facility. They also had a long running medical drsma series set around them here.

  2. Everytime I read these issues I keep imagining what happens between #236 and #237: Rogue/Carol pulling off Logan’s mutate outfit and removing all his body hair with it. Now that’s friendship!

  3. The Maddy Pryor dream sequence is also an homage to the “Daisy, Daisy” ad Johnson used to attack Goldwater, right?

  4. After hearing the description of Rogue’s outfit, I had to come here, hoping that a picture of it would be posted. That orange! That green! There are no words.

  5. What Demon did you sold your souls to get Chris Claremont? (Was it Mephisto? He cheats). This is amazing. I can’t wait for Episode 100!

    Incidentally, now that the Podcast has officially changed names will Jay continue to introduce themself as “Jay Rachel” or is it gonna be just Jay now?

    1. Dunno. “Jay Rachel” for now, both for ease of transition and because I have mixed feelings about two vowels in a row.

  6. Cameo from the Dark Knight Returns newscaster! I’d recognize that hair and those eyes anywhere!

    Take not at how Dazzler becomes progressively more tan during their stay in Australia

  7. Ah, as we start to get into the era where Carol takes over Rogue’s body and does things like revamp her wardrobe, get a hair cut and change the furnishings in her room… and her friends all think this is just fine instead of completely weird and creepy.

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