Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 142 – The Monster at the End of This Comic

Listen to the episode here.


  • For more on Scott and Jean’s Central Park conversation (and an especially ironic listen this week), check out Episode 22 – Through Death and Through Life!


  1. Oh my goodness… I just read “The Monster at the End of this Book” with my 10-month-old son this morning before listening to the podcast!

  2. DARE DEVIL REFERENCE: Lovvved that S1E2 hallway fight too miles! prolly my fav thing ever from that series come to think of it.
    ggggGGGGrrrREAT EP / THANK Us ! 😀

  3. BERNARD THE POET: I like to think that he is secretly the mastermind behind the X-Universe, pulling all the strings in the background. L…O….L
    THE LOCUST: Yes! THE, greatest villian the xmen ever faced ! 😛 i love it, a bernard and a locust mention in, all in ONE Ep.
    reminds me of some photoshop X-Collages i made, thatll post later. UHOH, boss is standing behind me looking at my screen , gotta get back to work! 🙁

  4. I’m sorry, I know that you can have your opinions on how Bobby looks, but I’ve had a huge crush on him since I was 15.

  5. You know until I saw those panels in isolation…I really never realized how much subtext is going on in those Kitty and Courtney stories before.

    Kitty may have a type when it comes to her boyfriends over the years…but her girlfriends seriously run the gamut.

    1. Does she have a type in her boyfriends?

      Piotr Rasputin – She first crushed on the 6’10” (or however tall he is) built-like-a-stell-outhouse Russian farmboy.

      Doug Ramsey – She had a couple of not-quite-dates with the “boy next door” kid who liked computers as much as she did.

      Pete Wisdom – She was in a relationship with a the cynical, burned out Black Ops agent. (and Claremont can de-age her all he likes, she was written as an adult by her primary writer at that point in time)

      Bobby Drake – Well, THAT was probably a non starter for at least ONE more reason than is now obvious.

      Peter Quill – Not entirely sure how serious that was as I didn’t read the titles it appeared in, but it did seem to last for a while.

      Aside from have a weird preponderance of guys named Peter in her life (more if we count Ultimate Kitty who dated Peter Parker IIRC) I’m not sure I see a type.

      (But it’s Friday and I’m knackered so I’m probably overlooking something obvious)

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