Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 183 – Mutant Death Factor

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  • I’m fairly sure I’ve linked to “Class of ’64” before, but it’s one of the best-developed reimaginings of the X-Men I’ve found, in or out of canon.
  • Unfortunately, R. Orion Martin’s “X-Men of Color” series no longer appears to be online, but you can learn more about it here and here. (Also worth reading: Darryl Ayo’s rebuttal to Martin’s article.)


  1. Hey guys I really like your show and wanted to see if you wanted to be on my show to talk about some of the deeper real life themes and conspiracies the X-Men are so abundantly caught up in. For instance super soldiers and Intelligence Agencies, mind control, occultism via Hellfire, cloning, aliens and the like.

    I realize this might sound bizarre so please feel free to look me and my show up before you decide. My pen name is Frank Zero and a Google search should bring up my sites, books, blogs, pages, and my show which is titled The Farm.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. Honestly I think both Orion and Daryl get things wrong. The issue with Orion is that race bending has to be done intelligently. A black man who lived in russia would be unusual since unlike france the uk or other countries there are very little black people there. Colossus would have been an outcast and somewhat more cynical due to being gawked at. Murder on the orient express handled race bending intelligently.

    Daryl’s wrong in that a.) mutants can still use their abilities for good and b.) There’s a difference between suspicion and fullblown paranoia. If you herd mutants into camps or deny them jobs damn right they’re gonna be angry. I can get wanting some form of identification or reigstration (dear lord people like mastermind can certainly be in a database) but it needs to be handled carefully.

  3. Wouldn’t the name Birdy be a reference to the idiom “a little birdy told me” given her powers?

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