Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 198 – How to Destroy the Universe Without Really Trying

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  1. Big fan here! I wanted to let you know that the credits in XX Crossing are seriously effed. The first two segments appear to be correctly credited, but the Meggan/Angel sequence and all subsequent segments are not. I’m 99% sure that part is drawn Brian Stelfreeze. The credits for the rest of the story are displaced, with Kylun by Turner/Rubenstein, Nightcrawler by Joe Mad/McManus, Shadowcat by Jae Lee, Cerise by Malcolm Jones III, everyone by Leonardi/Williamson, and the last 2 pages by Lightle/Palmiotti. I hope that Jay, at least, will appreciate my commitment to pedantry as it relates to obscure comic books.

  2. Sidestep’s interview technique is appalling. He leads with the bit about the drama of his name…when he is speaking ro DOCTOR DOOM! Then his ‘special skill’ involves time travel. He’s clearly done very little research into the Latverian polymath.
    However, now I know Doom handles so much of his own HR, I want to see the story where Doom discovers Mojo has made this the subject of a popular TV show…

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