259 – Kwannon Leap

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which fix-it fic goes canon (or vice versa); Psylocke is a complicated individual and/or individuals; assassins have complicated personal lives; it is probably ethical to tell your teammates about your camera eyes; Beast takes over Blue Team;  we get our first tease of Generation X; Sabretooth is a surprisingly fun narrator; that Hickman fellow seems to know what he’s doing; and you should totally come see us at FlameCon!


  • X-Men #31-33
  • What Forge does in his downtime
  • Several retcons, including a metaretcon
  • Psylocke (Betsy Braddock)
  • Revanche (Kwannon)
  • What we are not wearing
  • Hawks
  • Digital Chameleon
  • Assassin romance
  • What actually (probably) (mostly) happened to Betsy and Kwannon
  • The Eye Fairy
  • The death of Kwannon
  • The future of the Xavier School
  • The last will and testament of Emma Grace Frost
  • Rogue and Gambit’s breakfast-cereal habits
  • All the eyes you’ve been given
  • Nyorin’s “diary”
  • A murder cliché
  • Genevieve Darceneaux
  • BabyGoth Gambit
  • Henri LeBeau and his majestic mustache
  • Our (very early) thoughts on HoX/PoX

NEXT EPISODE: Havok once again fails to complete his dissertation.

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  1. Tetra says:

    The Butterfly and the Hawk… Hawk moths are a thing. I wonder if there’s ever been any hero/villain with the name of Hawk Moth. Who does everything like a hawk AND like a moth.

  2. Damien Whiter says:

    Sexy Cereal Chat is my favourite show on ZZ-105.

  3. Thumb says:

    The Sabretooth story is when he became one of my favourite characters. Yes, he has muscle, ruthlessness, cunning, and ability. But his greatest power and skill, is fucking with your head. You will not trust him. He has shown himself to be the worst. You might as well put your fingers in your ears and go “lalalalalalalalala”. And he will still get to you.

  4. KP says:

    Does anyone know why, out of universe, the decision was made to make Betsy Asian? I think I understand all the in universe explanations and retcons, but why did Claremont make her Asian in the first place? Did he/editors just want to make drastic changes to the character’s look. It just always seemed like a weird thing to do to the character.

    • Icon_UK says:

      I’ve always suspected it was partly Jim Lee coming on board and wanting a female Asian X-Man and Chris Claremont not wanting to add a new character,and this being a compromise.

  5. Zachary Adams says:

    ZZ105’s format change is unlikely to get them more ad buys, I fear

  6. TheLonelySandPerson says:

    The name “Darceneaux” may be ringing a bell because it sounds like “Arsène”, as in Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief from a French novel series.

    You would probably be more familiar with his grandson, who was the protagonist of a fairly famous anime series.

  7. Evilgus says:

    So the whole Psylocke retcon was going on when I was introduced to the X-Men. There was the comic adaptation of the 90’s cartoon, with back ups of main X-Men issues. So I met her when Wolverine pins Psylocke between his claws with the “So Betts… Who the hell are you?” line. Yep, I was hooked! Who is this badass confusing character who isn’t in the cartoon?? And was British? Neat!

    Anyway, I lapped this all up but appreciate it may be the last straw for many readers. I liked the final reveal… That essentially both women were body swapped, but in a state of confusion due to Spiral’s spiteful manipulations. I liked Spiral’s involvement – it fits her history as a bit of a Psylocke antagonist. And the end does feel weirdly elegant and allows Kwannon to bow out with some grace and agency.

    For the new House of X line and Fallen Angel: it’s taken such a long time to get Psylocke as a character back on track after this bodyswap story. I think it’s a bad… if not terrible idea to reintroduce Kwannon as a distinct character, and take on the Psylocke codename and butterfly insignia. It reopens a confusing period and doubles down on it. And reverses the appropriation of one character by another, rather than giving them their own identity. I get that it’s a marketing thing, and an effort by Marvel to address the racial appropriation inherent in Psylocke’s being-in-an-Asian body for the longest time. But I do think Marvel is trying to have its cake and eat it for marketing rather than authentic purposes.

    If Hickman has planned this out, then I’ll trust it, bit otherwise I’m concerned!

  8. Hawk Talk! LOL

    Great ep \ thank u’s! 😀

  9. Count_Zero says:

    Minor funny aside – I was listening to the most recent release (meaning a back episode) on the Car Talk feed before the new episode of Jay and Miles, so I kept having a moment in my mind over whether Jay was going to slip a joke in there about the Puzzler, or if that would be too on the nose/beak.

  10. Voord 99 says:

    There’s good stuff in these issues. But there’s also one of the most cringeworthily awful pieces of dialogue in the entire history of the X-books:

    “Look at you – – a soft British girl inside the hardened, Asian body!” (emphasis original).

  11. Devin says:

    I once wrote what Emma Frost’s rejection letters probably look like. They are the most passive aggressive school rejection letters are.

    Also, I now wish I had thought of submitting a question to Nicieza about what led him to A) do the first retcon and B) retcon his own retcon…

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