Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

428 – Naked in a Cake

Love and chaos. (Excalibur #125)

In which you shouldn’t invite nazis to your wedding, there’s a lot of multiverse, Captain Britain and Meggan are pretty heteronormative but make it work, everybody forgot Feron, and the next husband will be Gatecrasher’s.


  • Captain Britain varieties
  • The history of Brian Braddock and Meggan Puceanu, abridged
  • Excalibur #124-125
  • Mutants most likely to jump out of a cake
  • The Crazy Gang (again)
  • Meggan’s crush on Colossus
  • Colossus’s guilt about Meggan’s crush on Colossus
  • A surprise bridal shower
  • The return of Captain UK
  • Brian Braddock’s teetotaling techniques
  • Mimic’s ever-changing facial hair
  • Glorious, glorious chaos
  • Poor, poor Feron
  • Multiple awkward conversations
  • The return of Widget and also everyone else
  • Lightning Force (dammit)
  • A lengthy but not exhaustive list of Captains Britain
  • So many cameos
  • …Seriously, so many cameos
  • Dai Thomas’s anti-iron
  • Shockingly healthy communication
  • Bouquet brawls and garter gar-nage
  • A bittersweet ending
  • Nightcrawler’s best outfit
  • The universe where the X-Men X-Plain Jay & Miles
  • Our hypothetical post-finale Excalibur lineup

NEXT EPISODE: The return of X-Factor! Kind of!

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  1. The only reason to invite nazis is to point Arcade at them, let him do his thing to them. If that didn’t happen, then I’ve got nothing.

  2. Hearing the wedding march as the titles, I’m trying to think when the next chance to bust it out might be? Is… is the next big X-Wedding… Rogue and Gambit?

        1. I *might* be remembering this wrong, but I don’t think the wedding was covered in any actual X-books at the time? The whole storyline played out in Hudlin’s Black Panther.

      1. Excellent point. I wasn’t reading at the time and forget them. Which is horrible because I loved them in Leah Williams’ X-Factor run.

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