Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

439 – Fishfic

In which we reach the beginning of an end; Jay totally forgot Gambit was there; we’re all living in the Mary Purcelliverse; the X-Men split the party; and we explore The Bay Area’s Bohemian Hotbed of Student Anarchy.


  • Mary Purcell (sort of)
  • The re-defaulting of the X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Men #362-323
  • X-Men #82
  • Nebraska
  • Pyro (Saint John Allerdyce) and his endless illness
  • Legacy Virus variations
  • Going home again
  • Running back and forth in quarries
  • Marrow, who’s come a long way
  • The two forms of fire: skeleton monsters and sexy ladies
  • Cerebro (the evil one)
  • San Francisco and Tajikinistan
  • Asphalt ball pits
  • A topsy-turvy nonsensical impossible hell
  • Nina the Mannite
  • Desire, love, loss, and fear
  • Skulls and spines
  • The New (New) Brotherhood of Mutants
  • Cerebrites Alpha and Beta
  • A lost, smelly fish
  • Ambiguous art
  • Blood, sweat, and fears
  • Which mutants would cause the most chaos at holiday gatherings
  • Hopes for post-Fall society

NEXT EPISODE: 2 Hunt 2 Xavier

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  1. I need to know more about the guy who had so many fish he didn’t miss one.

    Also, can you re-share the details of your upcoming event in Portland? I didn’t write it down and don’t remember at what point of the anniversary episode you mentioned it.

    1. We’ll release a more official and publicized invitation when we’ve hammered out the details, but for now: the event will be on Saturday, April 13th at Books With Pictures!

  2. While “Tajikinistan, Russia” does not exist, Tajikistan is a former member of the USSR which borders China, Uzbekistan, and Afganistan.

  3. Miles mentioned wanting to read the in-universe Marvel comics and Marvel did put out something like that at one point.

    In 2000 (so pretty soon for the podcast!) Marvel released a series of “Marvels Comics Group” one-shots (“Marvels” with an “s”) including “Marvels Comics: X-Men #1” (by Mark Millar, Sean Phillips, and Duncan Fegredo!)

    The plot description from the Grand Comics Database is pretty wild: “Colonel America sends the X-Men to recover Iron Man, an Avengers quinjet and a Stark designed nano-bomb which have all been captured by Dr. Strange and his rebel mutant forces. With the loss of most of their team and the mission a failure, Cyclops and the Goblin Queen return to Weapon X expecting to face dire consequences. Wolverine, however, is still on the case and carries out the mission parameters solo (well, except for recovering Iron Man who was cooked and eaten by Strange).”

    Maybe for the next winter special?

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