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As Mentioned in Episode 8 – What We Talk About When We Talk About Claremont

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  1. Yet another amazing episode. I’m very glad that a friend of mine introduced me to your podcast and I’ve been spreading the word, too.

    It was a bit of a head-scratcher that neither of you were able to come up with any other iconic runs besides Claremont on X-Men and Simonson on Thor. My first thought was Peter David on Incredible Hulk. We also shouldn’t discount Stan Lee on both Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.

    1. I’d argue that none of those were equivalently definitive. Impact doesn’t always correlate to longevity, nor to getting there first, and I don’t think any of those writers had the kind of definitive impact on those titles as Claremont did on X-Men, and Simonson–to a significantly lesser extent–on Thor.

  2. What was the name of the documentary you mentioned in this episode? I forgot to write it down, and don’t recall exactly where in the podcast it was mentioned. Thanks!

      1. I finally was able to treat myself into picking this up — downloading now! Really looking forward to watching it.

  3. Hey, where is that bit you mentioned in a letter response about the X-Men being pissed about Cyclops’ roster assignments & Wolverine bitching about how he can’t be on so many teams at once?

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