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As Mentioned in Episode 124 – The Cruelest Planet

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  1. At least when the Justice League or the Teen Titans personalise their meeting room, they tend to personalise the chair with their logo/symbol, rather than the table. A new chair is easier to sort out, come roster revamp time, than buying a whole new table.

    1. As much as Obsidian Age was lacking as a JL story, I loved Firestorm getting nervous when he realized/Ollie told him that “his” chair was clearly the one that had previously been Clark’s.

  2. TANK GUY, THe REAVER: Oh man,, I love TANK GUY. TankGuy makes me SO happy. When ever im having a bad day or lifes got me down, i always just think about (/picture) him,, and it always cheers me up 😀

    1. LISTENER QUESTIONS: Hahaa, that last listenerQ took me by surprise. i like that u guys didnt shy away and chose to use that one. I love reading comix high!:D

  3. That Lady Deathstrike analysis of Colossus’ art as everything was going to hell really sort of stuck with me long after all of this, and I ended up thinking about it during other storylines where Colossus either takes a temporary antagonist turn or does something very self-destructive (like deliberately killing himself to cure the Legacy virus).

    As much as I love both Colossus and Claremont, he’s probably the X-man who got the least development (in the sense of character growth) under him. Under writers in the future, there’s this regular return to Colossus getting into this sort of twisted state, and he makes very bad decisions when he is in a situation where he feels helpless to fix things. I don’t know if it’s intentional on the part of other writers, but it always inevitably makes me come back to that analysis of him.

    I imagine the real reason behind it was to make us feel as though Peter is actually better off after he goes through the Siege Perilous and becomes an artist, and there was no other real long-term plan behind it. To me that makes it even more interesting.

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