Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 373 – Tainted Loins

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  • Miles talked about how to follow Krakoa’s year two X-books into year three:
    • Bridge miniseries:
      • Planet-Size X-Men 1-shot
      • Inferno
      • X Lives of Wolverine
      • X Deaths of Wolverine
    • Year two books that don’t continue into year three:
      • Cable (got a wrap-up 1-shot called Cable Reloaded)
      • Children of the Atom
      • Hellions
      • X-Corp
      • X-Factor
    • Books that have kept their year two numbering:
      • New Mutants
      • Wolverine
      • X-Force
      • X-Men Unlimited (on Marvel Unlimited)
    • Books that relaunched with a new #1 and new creators:
      • Marauders
      • X-Men
    • Books that relaunched with a new title:
      • Excalibur -> Knights of X
      • SWORD -> X-Men: Red
      • Way of X -> X-Men: the Onslaught Revelation -> Legion of X
    • One book is brand new:
      • Immortal X-Men
    • Also, don’t miss the Secret X-Men 1-shot toward the end of year two!


  1. Is X Lives/Deaths of Wolverine important to read if you don’t really care about Logan? I had been planning to skip it.

    1. It is, yeah. I suppose you could skip Lives and just read Deaths if you wanted to save time – it’d still mostly make sense – but some things happen in Deaths that look like they’re going to become a big deal.

  2. What’s interesting is that several of Marvel’s titles cover dated February 1998 featured an insert that alluded to the assassin of Graydon Creed being revealed in X-Factor #150, slated to come out later that year. Of course, X-Factor ended at issues #149.

    Brian Cronin did a Comics Legend Revealed about it and Howard Mackie said that there was never a plan for #150. Sales were down on the book and Bob Harras approached him, wondering if there was a way to get sales up on the series and Mackie told him, “No.” He believed that X-Factor had pretty much run its course. So instead of X-Factor #150 we got Mutant X #1.

    This brings up another interesting thing is that that same insert promised a brand new X-____ coming out later that year. The only new X-Men title that came out later that year was Mutant X. Now, while it is entirely possible that this was simply a name change it makes me wonder. Because it doesn’t sound like Mutant X was part of the original plan. So if it wasn’t Mutant X what else could it have been. I think it was more than a year after this that Exiles launched so it wasn’t that unless it got seriously delayed.

    And while it’s not particularly relevant to this specific issue, I did recently learn that Chris Claremont confirmed Destiny and Mystique’s relationship in an issue of Uncanny X-Men (#265 I think). I don’t have the specific word available, but Destiny refers to Mystique using a name that is a synonym for “Lover.” I learned this in a book called “The Best There is at What He Does”, an examination of Chris Claremont’s X-Men by Jason Powell. A book I highly recommend for some of its insights into Claremont’s run.

    1. Yes, Claremont having the Shadow King use the obscure “leman”, in much the same way that “The Maltese Falcon” has Wilmer described as a “gunsel” for Kasper Gutman, which wasn’t slang for “gunman” (as people would assume it did, since he carried a gun), but was a term for “the younger sexual partner of an older man”

      Another variation would be US writers gleefully dropping in terms like “wanker” from British characters because they knew Broadcasting Standards wouldn’t know what it meant.

      I remember reading the issue where the term “leman” was used when it came out and went and looked it up. That did make me smile.

      1. Thank you! I was wracking my brains while at work yesterday trying to remember what it was! And then forgot to look it up when I got home.

  3. IS that Sam Guthrie? Because in one panel he sounds — almost word for word — like Frank Miller’s Batman, and I’ve never put those two characters in the same category. But I wasn’t reading this at the time, so maybe Sam went all hardcase for a bit.

    1. ”The rain on my chest is a baptism. Ah’m born agin. But in Kentucky, it ain’t so unusual to be born agin. Why, Ah know all kinds of folks who’d tell yuh they were born agin. Might be there’d be fewer folks as wouldn’t say that.”

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