Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

442 – MimeQuest 64

In which Marrow remains a connoisseur of dead rats; Jay has opinions about the NYC Subway system; U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. are snazzy dressers; Doctor Doom gets excited about Onslaught; Magneto can have a rocket pack if he wants; villainous game recognizes villainous game; weird retcons are the best retcons; and you should totally come to our birthday party.


  • A peculiar side effect of Wolverine’s healing factor
  • Jay & Miles on Bluesky (and other social media)
  • Our upcoming 10th birthday party and live show (and related announcements)
  • X-Men Unlimited #22
  • X-Men/Doctor Doom Annual 1998
  • An unpleasant way to wake up
  • That’s so Kraven
  • Avengers and transit cops
  • U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M.
  • Flag Smasher
  • Some miscellaneous New York Subway trivia
  • Audience stand-ins (and how the reading experience changes when the audience stand-in isn’t human-passing)
  • Additional New York Subway trivia
  • Premonitions of Onslaught
  • An X-Men highlight reel
  • A delightful little retcon
  • One way to ruin X-Men #137
  • Healing factor preferences

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  1. Ultimate X-Men Wolverine totally did the tattoo to impress the ladies thing. I don’t recall the issue number, but I’m pretty sure it was after the Millar run. He was walking with Storm and talked about how he’s gotten many tattoos over the years. Tattoos are basically scars and they heal up in a day for him.

  2. Miles, you were confusing two different episodes of X-Men:TAS in your description – the two solo Cyclops episodes. There’s the earlier one, where Cyclops goes to his orphanage during the time he’s supposed to be trying to “find himself” in Jean’s absence. That episode aired WAY out-of-order, though Disney+ has decided to put episodes in “Script Order,” rather than airing order. Other than the animation in the episode looking way off, it’s better this way. (I’m currently in a re-watch with my 7-year-old, and I can attest that the script order is preferable to the order in which they actually ultimately aired.)

    The episode with Solarr is actually a completely different thing. It’s also the episode that features Random and Tusk and I believe the only episode featuring Toad. I realize that Jay has no nostalgia for the ’90s show, and has to deal with his favorite character being portrayed in a most unfortunate manner even in the BEST of times. But add on top of that the fact that Cyclops also has two solo episodes, and they’re two of the worst 10 episodes of the series. Oof… tough to make Jay love the show the way those of us with nostalgia for it do.

    1. Did Random speak in that one? For some reason I remember him only appearing in a crowd scene with Deadpool

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