Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 41 – Hated and Feared

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  1. Looking at the art it appears that Kitty gives her weird batwinged coat to Katie and just never replaces it. BTW, in the 80’s I owned a similar one in purple and my mother had a mink coat in the same pattern. Also the Crimson Pirate is the best Pirate movie ever.

  2. Great cold open as always. Reminds me of a question I have about the Siege Perilous.
    When the X-men outback team fled through the Siege, most of them were altered in someway and/or scattered around the world. Psylocke got a new body, Storm became a child etc. What happened to Longshot? Because after this a very similar character appeared Gambit, who threw objects, was charming and ‘lucky’ and like Longshot Xavier would describe having a ‘mind like quicksilver’. Yet Longshot would be out of the x-men for a long time.
    So my question is, do you think it was ever intended for Gambit to be Longshot?

    1. As a reader at the time, I definitely got the sense that Gambit was like a dark ‘n’ sleazy Longshot, thinking particularly of this one scene (drawn by Michael Golden) that shows a dark star glow in Gambit’s eye.

      But no, from what I hear, Claremont wrote Longshot out for a second Longshot Nocenti/Adams mini that never materialized. Gambit was supposed to be an avatar of Mr. Sinister, designed to infiltrate and destroy the X-Men from within.

    2. Oh, and pedantic note: Psylocke didn’t get a new body from the Siege Perilous. She emerged from the Siege amnesiac, but in her Brit-body. The Hand found her and turned her Asian to sell her to the Mandarin. (Then, in the 90s, it became more complicated, involving Kwannon and Spiral.)

    3. Definitely yes, at least I’ve got no doubt about it. Gambit openly took Longshot’s place up in the series in a similar way Longshot took Nightcrawler’s place up before.

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