As Mentioned in Episode 41 – Hated and Feared

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  1. Betti says:

    Looking at the art it appears that Kitty gives her weird batwinged coat to Katie and just never replaces it. BTW, in the 80’s I owned a similar one in purple and my mother had a mink coat in the same pattern. Also the Crimson Pirate is the best Pirate movie ever.

  2. Nic in Melbourne says:

    Great cold open as always. Reminds me of a question I have about the Siege Perilous.
    When the X-men outback team fled through the Siege, most of them were altered in someway and/or scattered around the world. Psylocke got a new body, Storm became a child etc. What happened to Longshot? Because after this a very similar character appeared Gambit, who threw objects, was charming and ‘lucky’ and like Longshot Xavier would describe having a ‘mind like quicksilver’. Yet Longshot would be out of the x-men for a long time.
    So my question is, do you think it was ever intended for Gambit to be Longshot?

    • Art says:

      As a reader at the time, I definitely got the sense that Gambit was like a dark ‘n’ sleazy Longshot, thinking particularly of this one scene (drawn by Michael Golden) that shows a dark star glow in Gambit’s eye.

      But no, from what I hear, Claremont wrote Longshot out for a second Longshot Nocenti/Adams mini that never materialized. Gambit was supposed to be an avatar of Mr. Sinister, designed to infiltrate and destroy the X-Men from within.

    • Art says:

      Oh, and pedantic note: Psylocke didn’t get a new body from the Siege Perilous. She emerged from the Siege amnesiac, but in her Brit-body. The Hand found her and turned her Asian to sell her to the Mandarin. (Then, in the 90s, it became more complicated, involving Kwannon and Spiral.)

    • Ricochet Rita says:

      Definitely yes, at least I’ve got no doubt about it. Gambit openly took Longshot’s place up in the series in a similar way Longshot took Nightcrawler’s place up before.

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