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As Mentioned in Episode 70 – Forget It, Jake; It’s X-Factor

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    1. As I recall, Jubes exploded a depowered Boom Boom into nudity, so it’s not like there was no cause for annoyance.

  1. The Bloody Freaking Twelve! This was the Grand-Mythical-Prohecy-of-Mystery and I loved every hint of it in the books. Until it happened. I did not believe in souls until mine died that day.

    If you haven’t answered a question in 10 years, then don’t. Ever. The myth will always be better. And certainly better than the crap they fed us. And it begins right here.

    If I have a time machine, first thing I do is warn myself not to get my hopes up on this thing.

    1. I’m always surprised how many of these things are buried somewhere deep within the continuity, and how little pay off there usually is. 6 Minute War? That was something supposed to happen with Hope Summers, maybe? The Summers Rebellion? In the end, basically a medium-sized riot in a Peter David’s X-Factor one-shot. Then there’s the mystical war between Heaven and Hell that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was teasing in ‘Nightcrawler’ and… ‘Sensational Spider-Man’? Maybe that’s what ‘Afterlife with Archie’ is supposed to be…

      Moving away from mutant stuff, one of my favourites is Dan Slott’s Reckoning War. That one’s been gestating for, what, ten years now? Should be due for a disappointing resolution any day now! 😉

    2. I know when I got back into X-Men and got an inkling that the storyline of the Twelve had finally been resolved, I was excited to check into it. Until I checked into it.

  2. Potato-face blindness power makes me so happy. I nearly had to pull over the car with that one. Thank you, Miles.

  3. I wonder what the Twelve was supposed to be, though. What Simonson and Claremont were planning to do with it? Claremont mentions it later in Uncanny, I think, and since Simonson used to be his editor and tried to make him pick up the plots he kept adding to the books, I suppose she wouldn’t just make up this Twelve thing without a plan to do something bigger.

  4. One thing I’ve been always surprised about that photo of Jean (by Great Paul Smith) is –there’s a pack of cigarettes on her towel!!! But- but- heroes are supposed to NOT smoke! That’s just for villains and people of bad character, isn’t it? I mean, Wolvie can still do his slaughters and Gambit can beat anybody up, but out with their evil cigars: give them toothpicks (!!!).

    1. According to Claremont and Simonson they tried to find breaches for these rules all the time. Like when Maddelyne wakes up screaming in Uncanny X-Men #171:
      “She’s in his (Scott’s) bed; it’s a double bed. And the next panel Scott runs in and they embrace and the scene moves on. But if you blink and take a second look, you think, wait a minute. She’s wearing the pyjama tops and he’s wearing the bottoms. Well, that’s ok. People do that. Wait a minute. That’s a big bed. Wait a minute. It’s clear if you take a second look that someone else was sleeping in the bed with Madelyne because the pillow next to her is dented and the sheets are messed up. And if you follow the logic train, it’s obvious. Scott got up in the middle of the night and went into the next room for any number of reasons. When she cried out he rushed back in. Had we entered the scene a minute earlier we’d have seen them in bed together.”
      They couldn’t say that Maddy and Scott were having sex because they weren’t married yet (just like they couldn’t show a hero smoking), so they implied in the scene.

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