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As Mentioned in Episode 151 – Czars of Kung Fu

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  1. I always read that panel with Jubilee staring at Psylocke was her looking at Betsy’s chest, then looking down at her own, and pouting at the comparison.

    1. That’s what it looked like to me, too, and I found it hilarious. It’s maybe one of my favourite Jubilee moments. Sulking about being flat-chested. Her contempt for gorgeous, well-endowed women is oddly endearing.

      1. I think she checks out Natasha’s breasts in the prior panel, too. Admittedly, I haven’t read this since the 90s, but that was memorable.

    2. If comics have taught me anything, it’s that it’s always possible to stare at a woman’s breasts and butt at the same time.

      1. Sometimes while she’s being beheaded. THANKS, CURSE OF THE MUTANTS. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

  2. The doctrine of hot pursuit does allow the crossing of jurisdictional boundaries and arrest on the other side, as well as what would otherwise be a fourth amendment violation. I’m not aware of a case covering pursuit by telephonic teleportation, though. Also, you are correct that it has nothing to do with blowing up police cars. That would presumably be covered by a reasonable force standard. The magistrates would make an argument, I imagine, that mutants and, especially, escaped mutates are so dangerous to the Genoshan state that uses of force that would otherwise be per se unreasonable (blowing up police cars and shooting NYPD officers, for instance) becomes reasonable.

    Of course, international law comes in here, too, since we have authorities chasing fugitives into a foreign country. To get away with that, you need either a treaty allowing it, or the fugitives to have been engaged in a crime against humanity generally, rather than one nation individually. Piracy is the classic example.

    It’s hard to see how a pursuit under whatever the Genoshan equivalent of the Fugitive Slave Act is would qualify, so the United States must have a treaty with Genosha re: the return of escaped mutates.

    1. Also, hot pursuit has to be pretty hot. There’s a case where police saw a suspect run into a hallway and went through a door, guessing which one he went through. They turned out to be wrong and found an unrelated crime inside. Courts found that one ok, but it was controversial and considered the outside edge of the doctrine.

  3. I love Jubilee’s grumpy face after glaring at Psylocke. I never read this issue, but I know I’ve seen those expressions on her before.

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